Hey! It’s Rivkah and I am back again.

For those who don’t know, in 2012 I started to write a blog about my personal experiences with mental illness. I received so much support for this blog and my writing that I continued to write and be open about my struggles.

I have decided that although that blog was the best thing I had ever done, I want to move more towards active advocacy. You can still read my old blog here .

The ‘care’ I have received in the past few years by my local NHS Trust has been appalling and I don’t believe anyone should be put through the hell I have gone through.
I used to say that even if I only help one person, I will feel like I have succeeded. I hope that with continuous pressure, we can make a difference.

I will sign off for now, but will be back to fight for change. 1 in 4 will suffer mental health problems. Many more will need some support for this. Together we can support each other and fight for a better mental health system.


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