The Crisis Team

Or shall I call it by the correct name – the crisis creation team. Apt, I know. For I do not know of one person that has seen someone from the BCRHTT (a ridiculous acronym for a ridiculous team) and managed to stay out of crisis.

I’m currently in a recovery house as a part of a post-hospital discharge plan. It was agreed in my ward round that I would come here and wait for my new team to take over my care. Whilst I have still struggled a bit being here, I have found it generally to be helpful in supporting me in my mental health. It’s not a hospital so doesn’t cost nursing costs and yes, we buy and make our own meals even. I have personally made it my job to clean the toilet really well too. I’ve made good progress.

But no new team has taken over my care yet and I have been told that I have to leave the recovery house tomorrow. This is despite the fact that the staff here, the team treating me and my Parents are all in agreement that telling me to leave whilst I am still so unwell and so close to a weekend is all in all a way to ensure that I will either end up back through hospital doors within 24 hours, or my preference is, that all the crisis team will have to deal with is my death.

Having seen on Barnet Enfield and Haringey’s social media how hard it is for staff to deal with ‘ incidents’ (such as death), and how they need support for such eventualities, I felt that maybe, just maybe, instead of being there for each other at such hard times, maybe they should spend time with the patients to support them. If the crisis team actually cared about their patients and supported their needs, maybe they wouldn’t have to deal with so many incidents in the first place?

I guess that’s a question that can be asked at my inquest.

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