The majority?

Can you imagine an airline stating after a plane crash that killed hundreds of people:

‘For the majority of passengers, our fleet of aircraft gets people from A to B’

Would you continue to fly on this airline? Would you allow them to take your life into their hands?

I highly doubt it. The majority could be as low as 51%. Leaving the other 49% crashing into the sea.

Yet when it comes to bad practice in the NHS, leading all too often to abuse and even death, people are expected to just sit quiet and say nothing.

I saw a tweet this week where someone was asking people to stop complaining about the NHS because the majority of the staff work so hard. The individual even stated that we should try a week in their job and see how stressful it it.

Firstly, the majority?! So if the majority of staff are good but let’s say 49% are bad, we should still believe this is a good service? Even if 5% or 1% or 0.1% were abusive we still have every right to tell someone. How do you expect things to change if you don’t know you’re doing something wrong?

Secondly, why are you trying to silence people’s voices? How can you say that people shouldn’t complain when you have obviously never been in their situation? Just like you tell us that we can’t judge you as we have never worked your job, please don’t judge us.

There is no point in everyone saying ‘all hail the NHS employees and how well they work’, when it’s not true. Why would you purposefully ask people to stop making complaints when without criticism you have no idea how to make changes?

This is all I want from anyone really. To listen. It’s an art that seems sorely lacking in mental health. Stop with the silencing people and start listening.

My consultant last week asked me if I had an agenda for the appointment. I did have an agenda, but before I even managed to talk about anything he pushed his agenda on me. Is that listening? Is talking over me and arguing with your patient really going to help them? Or is it just helpful for the Dr? So he can put down that we spoke about the things he felt needed to be dealt with. My agenda included my meds, work, and other important things. But because his agenda takes precedence I left the appointment having gained nothing.

NHS employees are paid to work. They are paid to do the job they do. Why do they want us to be standing on our chairs praising them? Whether you get paid minimum wage or you get paid £200k a year there is NO EXCUSE for abuse.

My local outpatient has started putting up signs everywhere talking about zero tolerance of abuse in staff. Why can’t I put my sign up saying I don’t tolerate abuse by staff? Why do I not have a say?

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